China Bioengineering Technology Group Limited (CBT) is situated in Hong Kong Science Park. It is a high-tech, professional and well-recognized body working on biomedical science, precision medicine, as well as big data access, statistics and analysis. Our company possesses Independent Intellectual Property Right for genetic testing technology and biomedical data analysis platform. In addition, we are the pioneer in Hong Kong who uses Simoa HD-1 Analyzer to detect proteins and nucleic acid in serum and plasma. It is a fully automatic instrument for running immunoassays with ultrahigh sensitivity.


      CBT introduces new genetic applications that has the potential to aid in daily personal medication, disease prevention, nutrition & exercise, intelligence development and other related domains in Hong Kong and mainland China. Simoa technology can facilitate early diagnosis of cancers, infectious diseases, immune inflammations, neurological diseases and cardiovascular diseases. It also contributes to the development of new biomarkers for in vitro and concomitant diagnosis. Combining genetic data with biomarker data, CBT could make more valuable and comprehensive research achievement.

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