1. Beauty & Skin Care


      It is still unknown to us as to how to sustain youth and fight aging. Some may fall for wishful advertising of cosmetic products, spending excessive money and often experience adverse effects with their skin. Here at CBT, we produce genetic reports that can help you understand your skin type and provide correct, suitable nutrition and product advice that is best suited and most effective for your personal skin care.

      Test Content

      CBT GeneHealth beauty and skin care test covers skin properties such as allergic dermatitis, pigmentation, water retention, collagen metabolism, skin elasticity, antioxidant levels, skin repair, anti-UV, etc. This test helps develop a personalised skin care regime using your results as a reference to achieve beautiful, youthful skin.

      Sampling Method

      Only a swab of oral mucosal cells is needed – very safe and non-invasive.
      Know the details of your skin. Plan the perfect beauty and skin care regimen to achieve beautiful skin.

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