1. Disease Risk Prediction


      Modern medical studies have shown that almost all diseases have association with genes. Similar to blood types, a gene can be present in different forms or genotypes through polymorphisms. As a result, each genotype can lead to different sensitivity to environmental factors and susceptibility to disease. Abnormal or mutated genes can also directly influence a person’s susceptibility to particular diseases. Through genetic testing, we can assess individual genetic profiles for disease risk and find purposeful, targeted interventions to minimise risk.

      Test Content

      CBT GeneHealth disease risk prediction covers the circulatory, motor, endocrine, respiratory, genitourinary, digestive, nervous, sensory systems and more. The occurrence of a disease can be detected in advance and prevented. One’s relatives can also be genetically assessed for disease risk (heritability).

      Sampling Method

      Only a swab of oral mucosal cells is needed – very safe and non-invasive.
      Stay ahead and know the risk factors in advance – take a step to prevent disease and develop personalised health interventions!

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