1. Whole Genome Test


      CBT GeneHealth Whole Genome Test includes detection of genes associated with disease susceptibility, individual traits, drug response, nutrition and other areas. Utilising internationally recognised gold standard sequencing technology and high-throughput gene chip together with a high-volume database and analysis system, we provide customers with premium whole genome detection services and immediate results delivered directly to you.

      Test Content

      CBT GeneHealth Whole Genome Test consists of 480 items including,
      1. 100+ risk factors of disease, (e.g. gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, etc.),
      2. 100+ characteristics (e.g. EQ, IQ, nutrition metabolism abilities, physical characteristics, physiological indices, brain functions ),
      3. 200+ drug reactions (e.g. individual absorptive capacity of drugs and supplements, suitability of supplements, efficiency and side effects of drugs)

      Sampling Method

      A safe, non-invasive saliva sample is only required.
      People of various ages and ethnicity can understand themselves on a genetic level, take preventive action against diseases and live a better, healthier life!

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