1. Gut Flora


      The human body holds numerous types of symbiotic microbes that have evolved to adapt to us as we develop. Intestinal microbes play an important role in building protective barriers, digestion of food, synthesizing vitamins, energy metabolism and more. Work pressure, coupled with an unhealthy diet and lifestyle can affect bacterial function, which can lead to toxin production and destruction of beneficial bacteria that are involved in barrier protection. Effects include inflammation, weakened immunity, weight gain, insomnia and a variety of chronic diseases. Through high-throughput sequencing technology, we gained a comprehensive understanding of gut flora characteristics such as flora balance, gene functions as well as quantitatively assessing microbial content in individuals.

      Test Content

      Through high-throughput sequencing technology, we can report gut flora composition through the detection of specific gut flora genes. A comprehensive report of intestinal flora characteristics is inclusive of total microbial content and quantity, functional gene analysis, flora balance and microbes associated with obesity, enteritis, colorectal cancer and other related features.

      Sampling Method

      A non-invasive stool sample is required.
      Understand your gut flora and create reliable nutrition and drug treatment plans to avoid further issues with your gut.

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