1. Neurology

      ADVANCING CNS (central nervous system) BIOMARKER DETECTION
      The ability to detect neurological biomarkers at ultra-low levels, which have traditionally only been detectable in cerebrospinal fluid, has the potential to transform the way brain injuries and diseases are diagnosed.

      Simoa assays can detect neurological biomarkers associated with brain injury and disease at much earlier stages to understand the long-term effects and disease pathology. Quanterix has a strategic focus in neurodegeneration, neuroinflammation, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and multiple sclerosis (MS) and is working with a rapidly growing network of academic researchers and pharmaceutical and biotech partners to drive advancements in head health research.


      Available for Scientific Research

      Alpha-Synuclein Aβ40 Aβ42 BDNF GFAP
      Neurology 2-Plex A (Tau, Aβ42) Neurology 3-Plex A (Tau, Aβ42, Aβ40) Neurology 4-Plex A (NF-light?, Tau, GFAP*, UCHL-1*) NF-light? NSE
      pNF-Heavy Tau Tau (mouse)UCH-L1 IL-2
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